The Three Ways of DevOps

The Three Ways of DevOps

Learn the "Thee Ways" of DevOps: flow, feedback, and learning as measured by lead time, deployment frequency, MTTR, and change failure rate.
The DevOps Handbook & Accelerate are the source material for this episode. 

The DevOps Handbook is the best introduction to DevOps available. It puts the value stream at the center of an IT company, thus it’s in the company’s best interest to optimize the value stream. The DevOps Handbook presents the “Three Ways”: flow, feedback, and learning.

Accelerate picks up where the DevOps Handbook left off. The three ways cover theory and relevant technical practices, but does not precisely define success criteria. Accelerate defines four metrics for measuring IT performance: lead time, deployment frequency, MTTR, and change failure rate. Research done by the authors also presents low, medium, and high performance targets for each metric. 

Combining theory and practices from The DevOps Handbook and metrics from Accelerate provide a solid philosophy for software development and measuring performance. That’s “DevOps” in a nutshell.


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Adam Hawkins
Adam Hawkins
Software Delivery Coach

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