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Chain of Learning with Katie Anderson

Adam's welcomes Katie Anderson to the show to discuss her book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn, lean thinking, and the powerful growth mindset.Want more?🚀 New liste...

Words of the Year

Adam's two most common words (verbal ticks even) from 2023. Is it a party foul to bring lean thinking into a New Year's Eve party?Want more?🚀 New listener? Start with ...

Deming's Journey to Profound Knowledge with John Willis

Adam welcomes John Willis to discuss his new book, Deming's Journey to Profound Knowledge. We discuss why John wrote the book, Deming's career arc, and how we put Demi...

Wiring the Winning Organization

Adam presents the ideas in Wiring the Winning Organization with a vignette from his time on gemba. Plus, a giveaway!Here's how to win a FREE copy of Wiring the Winning...

Tips for New Managers

Twelve tips for first-time engineering managers. Want more?🚀 New listener? Start here.🧭 Get your FREE Guide to software delivery excellence

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