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Team Topologies

Recap of the 2019 book "Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow".

Continuous Delivery with Dave Farley

Dave Farley is the co-author of "Continuous Delivery". We discuss the book, real engineering, and more.

Parts Unlimited

The story of Parts Unlimited as told by Bill in the Phoenix Project and Maxine in the Unicorn Project.

Dev Environments

Something different for this episode! A live recording of my thoughts on integrated vs isolated dev environments.

SLIs, SLOs, & SLAs

SLIs, SLOs, and SLAs create a hierarchy. They measure reliability and create an objective framework for prioritization and decision making.

Pre-Commit Hook

The pre-commit prevents known bad commits from entering the deployment pipeline. Use it as tool to improve percent-complete-percent-accurate in your deployment pipeline.

DevOps for Beginners

A follow up interview I did on the Rails with Jason Podcast. Similar to the first episode of this podcast but with more details. Great if you prefer conversations instead of lectures.

Preflight Checks

Preflight checks prevent deploys into known bad conditions

Testing Your Deployment Pipeline on Rails with Jason

My guest appearance on Rails with Jason. We discussed designing deployment pipelines with preflight checks and smoke tests. Also the philosophy for DevOps and the importance of automated testing.

The Four Types of Work

The four types of work--features, defects, debts, and risks--under pin the Flow Framework

12.1 Factor Apps: Dev/Prod Parity

The 12.1 factor app strives for dev/prod parity where practical and eschews it when not. This requires differenating between bounded and unbounded contexts.

12.1 Factor Apps: Logs

Three additions to the original 12 factor app logs factor

12.1 Factor Apps: Config

Patch level improvements to the original 12 factor apps. 4 points to improve the configuration factor in your application.

12 Factor Apps

The 12 factor app sets guidelines for designing software for deployment pipelines. They're a great starting point that can be improved upon. See why in this episode.

The Principle of Improvement

A look into into how fostering a culture of experimentation and learning drive continuous improvement. This is known as the Third Way of DevOps.

The Principle of Feedback

The Principle of Feedback, or the second way of DevOps, describes using right to left feedback in the value stream.

The Principle of Flow

A look into the Principle of Flow which calls for fast feedback cycles from development to production.

The Three Ways of DevOps

Learn the "Thee Ways" of DevOps: flow, feedback, and learning as measured by lead time, deployment frequency, MTTR, and change failure rate.

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