Adam Hawkins

Adam Hawkins

Software Delivery Coach

Appears in 106 Episodes

The Coaching Habit

Adam presents how lean leaders can use the seven questions from The Coaching Habit.

DevOps 101

Adam presents an updated introduction to DevOps principles and practices.

System Archetypes

Adam presents some examples of The Fifth Discipline's system archetypes in software delivery.

Lean Software Delivery 101

A short introduction to the ideas and practice of lean applied to software delivery. A preview of the material in the Small Batches slack app.

Percent Complete and Accurate

Adam introduces the percent complete and accurate metric used in system design and operations.

Recommend Reading

Adam presents recommended reading for anyone interested in lean software delivery.

Deployment Pipelines

Adam discusses the stages in deployment pipelines and why they are necessary but not sufficient for continuous delivery. Listen through to the end.

PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

Adam present's Dr. Deming's PDCA cycle and how it applies to the daily work of delivering software.

Inflection Points

Adam presents inflection points where organizations and systems may choose improvement or decay.

The Red Beads

Adam explains how Deming's "Red Beads" experiment demonstrates the system of profound knowledge and the problems with management by objective.

The 5S Method

Applying the 5S's (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) to the telemetry needed for stable production operations

Systems Thinking

Introducing systems thinking through MIT's beer game and system archetypes described in "The Fifth Discipline" by Peter Senge.

Canary Deploys

A brief introduction of canary deploys and using them to mitigate risk.

Modern Software Engineering

A look into the ideas of empiricism, iteration, and incrementalism applied to software engineering. These are the code ideas of Dave Farley's 2022 book "Modern Softwar...

The Four Types of Problems

Adam presents "The Four Types of Problems" by Art Smalley. The types are troubleshooting, gap from standard, target condition, and open-ended.Learn More🚀 New listener?...

Extreme Programming

Let's go back in time to linger on the works of the master thinkers. This episode presents Kent Beck's book "Extreme Programming Explained".

The Principles of Product Development Flow

Adam presents a summary of Donald Reinertsen's 2009 book. Tl;DR: understand the price of work, optimize for flow through queues, use WIP constraints, reduce batch size...

Time Thieves

Adam presents the "five time thieves" described in Dominica DeGrandis' book Making Work Visible. The thieves are: too much WIP (work-in-progress), unknown dependencies...

Queuing Theory

Adam presents applying the mathematics behind queueing theory to software delivery. Also, an announcement!LinksNEW! The Small Batches Slack App for Teams🚀 New listener...

Software Delivery Glossary

Adam previews a new project by presenting a few entires from the software delivery glossary.

Flow Mapping with Steve Pereira

Adam welcome Steve "The Value Stream Guy" Pereira to the show. The last part of the conversation. Adam and Steve discuss how to get started with flow engineering and v...

Flow Engineering with Steve Pereira

Adam welcomes Steve "The Value Stream Guy" Pereira to the show. Steve goes deep into flow engineering and the four outcome maps. Part two of three of the conversation.

Flow and Value with Steve Pereira

Adam welcomes Steve "The Value Stream Guy" Pereira to the show. Steve discusses his focus on value streams, the power and fractal nature of flow. Part one of three of ...

The Toyota Way

A summary of 14 principles described in Jeffery Liker's 2021 book "The Toyota Way".

Dr. Deming on Variation with John Willis

Adam and John Willis discuss the importance of common and special cause variation and the missing link in teaching lean theory.

System of Profound Knowledge with John Willis

The second episode is a three-part conversation on Dr. Deming with John Willis. Adam and John focus on Deming's second book The New Economics which introduces the syst...

Introducing Dr. Deming with John Willis

This is the first of a three-part conversation on Dr. Deming with John Willis. Adam and John Willis introduce Dr. Deming through his books Out of the Crisis, The New E...

Dr. Deming on Variation

This is the first episode of a few episodes on Dr. Deming's works. Adam recaps Dr. Deming's "System of Profound Knowledge" principle: understanding variation. There ar...

The High-Velocity Edge with Steve Spear

Adam welcomes Steve Spear to the show to discuss his 2009 book "The High-Velocity Edge." This is the last episode in the series.Adam and Steve reflect on the fundament...

The High-Velocity Edge: Part Nine

My closing thoughts on the book before the next episode featuring my conversation with Steven Spear.

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